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Free Responsive HTML Theme

Check out the demo, a picture is worth a thousand words. Be sure to re-size your screen to see how she responds. Plenty of comments in the code and well placed bits to make it easy to customize. Features slow scroll to links on the page, scroll to top, ease in elements, perfect centered background image, and more. Preview the code here, or direct download with the button below. CC Attribution 3.0 license (that means don't worry about using it for whatever). Enjoy!


Space Simulator Photo Credit: http://nos.twnsnd.co/


THE NEW OLD Ultra Light 12 Column Responsive System

This project replaces g-grid below. And the picture over there has nothing to do with it :)

This intended to make developing responsive web sites easier and more efficient by using familiar syntax and functionality, but wihtout the bloat of default styless for buttons, tables, modals, galleries, etc. Bootstrap is great if you want to whip up something fast that looks OK and is funtional...

Read the full documentation over at GitHub, or direct download below.



Ultra Light 12 Column Responsive System

UPDATE: This project has been hopelessly abandoned. Read the blog post.

Here is the demo. Read the full documentation over at GitHub, or direct download below. NOTE: This is in a pre Beta state. Go easy on me. It's a work in progress. Critique welcome.


Rapid Theme Quickstart - WordPress Plugin

All my favorite stuff when starting a theme.

Includes Twitter bootstrap into WordPress theme, uses TGM Require to suggest my favorite plugins, adds a theme options page, adds an area to easily add scripts to the footer after jQuery, which is also properly enqueued ... and more. Direct download with the link below, or preview the code here.